For every minute 20-25 people migrate to different places in search of better opportunities and changes in lifestyle; this data is for countries in Asia. A step further, many people migrate to western countries because of its culture and bright prospects. These people had to buy all the furniture and other basic things to fulfill […]

Even Though I am from an on-demand app development firm making custom apps for app-based rental booking startups, I have always thought about the areas that can come under online rental. Online rental started with space sharing & hotel rooms and now slowly it is gaining ground in other areas like cars and bikes. There […]

Best Vacation Rental Software

As we all know, booking a hotel or renting our own room has become easy. It can be done in a few processes itself by filing required things and posting pictures of the room that you are renting on a website and start earning. But building or developing the best application is a must to […]

SpotnStay is an online vacation rental booking application development solutions.  It also helps you to improve your online vacation rental booking business startups in many ways.  We have creative, innovative and technical ideas; SpotnStay has an impressive technology at your disposal. It will not be that much tough to bring it to your online rental […]