Widespread The Indoor And Outdoor Picnic Table Rental Business With SpotnStay Table Rental Management Software

During summer, everyone loves to plan for a picnic trip to a grassy place either as a family or a group of friends. When it comes to the picnic plan, most of us search for a portable table to enjoy comfort food. Today, most of us don’t have portable tables or we can’t take our tables to the picnic spot for a span of time. 

This brought the need for the picnic table rental service in the picnic spot. Where the people can get rented the table according to the time they are in need. If you’re already renting the picnic table or ready to start a picnic table rental business, then this blog is for you where you’re able to gain the knowledge about the picnic table rental management software.

Before getting started with technology integration, let me share with you how to build the perfect rental business.

Build The Perfect Classic Wooden Picnic Table Rental Business

Building a rental business one must need a physical store to showcase the rental equipment. Luckily today even without occupying any physical store, one can start their own rental business easily and quickly. With the help of technology integration, this is possible according to today’s market.

Where you will be developing an online platform that lets the users use your platform to rent their picnic tables and get paid from the consumers. You might doubt how you will be benefited? As the online platform owner, you can claim the commission charge on each booking for using your service.

What are the other benefits you will gain by using an online platform to rent your picnic tables? 

  • Increases the rental service transparency between you and your users,
  • The users are able to access your rental service from anywhere at any time,
  • You’re able to list out all the categories of tables that your owning,
  • Get better reviews and feedback from the users by your flexible service,
  • Easier to gather the user’s attention and able to keep them engaged with your service, 
  • You can easily expand your revenue and get additional profit with new potential consumers,
  • Get the chance to open your rental service across the seas with possible metrics.

These are the benefits you will gain from the equipment rental application platform for a picnic table. Searching for the best equipment rental management software is quite tough but luckily you are here. In SpotnStay, you will be getting the best personalized rental management software that helps you to enrich your outdoor picnic table rental business.

Make your rental service available for around the clock with SpotnStay

SpotnStay rental management software solution helps the entrepreneur to manage and monitor their rental business easily with possible metrics. Our rental management software solution is more flexible therefore you can customize your workflow rapidly according to the current market demands. This helps you to stay updated with the market.

At first, we will be gathering the demands you’re listing and then we start to remodel our rental management software according to your outdoor picnic table rental business. This helps you to get the exact online platform for picnic table rental business without any compensation in the business quality.

Here, let me share some of the feature options that are available in the SpotnStay picnic table rental management software as follows.

  • Table management – Meaning the table in the picnic table rental business is hard. When the renter has a lot of tables, this feature option helps the entrepreneur to manage their tables in real-time. The entrepreneur will be getting real-time updates on the table in stock and out stock. You stay up to date with your outdoor picnic table rental business.
  • Rent it now or later – The consumer can easily rent the picnic tables from your online platform for picnic table rental business. The consumers are able to rent the tables now later. When they choose a later option, then they can pre-book the picnic table with the date and time they are in need of.
  • List out everything – There are many types of picnic tables from material to the sizes. Therefore you have to list everything carefully to improve the bookings. You can easily catalog all the picnic tables under each label according to your in-stocks. The consumers can easily get their tables in a short span of time without any confusion. 

These are the three feature options that help you to simplify your rental service and improve service quality. In SpotnStay picnic table rental management software, we have many more feature options to reduce the workload. Once you join your hands with us, we will be sharing more details about it.

Other than the rental cost the renters aren’t able to gain additional profit in their picnic table rental business. With the help of SpotnStay picnic table rental management software, you’re able to gain more revenue with our additional revenue schemes. Yes, we have customized the additional revenue schemes according to your rental business.

Improve the rental revenue with SpotnStay additional revenue scheme

  • Service activation charge – To activate the profile as a renter in your online platform for picnic table rental business. You can collect this as one time cost from each renter, this helps them to rent their tables in your online platform. 
  • Unlock unlimited listing – In SpotnStay picnic table rental management software, the listing is limited. If the renter wants to list many then they have to pay you a monthly additional charge with the commission on each booking.
  • Promotion on sales – Promotion plays a major role in every business and in the rental business too. It helps the rentee to get adapted to the offers and discounts when they are worthy. This can also be collected from the renters when they want to prompt their service.
  • Unlock advanced search – This helps the consumers to search the things they are in need of and get listed as their needs. It will give advanced options to compare the selected table with the other tables for a better choice. 


Running the picnic table rental business is not tough when you have the right solution in your hand. One such solution is provided by SpotnStay, we provide the flexible picnic table rental management software. It helps you to handle all your rental activities digital in real-time and you can enrich the service soon.

Let us know your demands today, by filling the below form or contact us at [email protected]. We will reach you soon with the right rental management software. 

Build Your Own Picnic Table Rental Software With SpotnStay:

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