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This SpotnStay Airbnb-clone script enable you to start a hotel booking and vacation rental business within hours.

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why use our Airbnb clone app?

Why this Airbnb clone app is the best in its class?

If you want to launch your own bread and breakfast, room reservation, hotel booking and vacation rental business, then this Airbnb clone script is going to prove better than the original mobile app. Here is why:

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    No need for R&D, every possibly needed function is incorporated.

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    No limit on how many users and admins can use the app simultaneously.

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    Built by the best team of web and app programmers in the business

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    Easily scales according to your business size.

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    Despite being a clone app, it supports 360-degree customisation and branding.

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    Available on all mainstream mobile operating systems including Android and iOS

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    Every purcahse comes with complete customisation, deployment and maintenance support

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    Full post-installation support.

Our Trustable Customer Feedback

Let our Airbnb clone app help you transform your business.
Want to know how?

Let us explain this to you with the help of small story…

Up till a couple of years ago Peter was running a decently successful vacation rental business. Most of the people would come to his website, go through the directory listings and book hotel and residential places he was collaborating with, earning a commission.

A major chunk of business also came from word-of-mouth recommendations they could find on his website.

His business had plateaued. He wanted to grow beyond what he was doing back then, and he was putting in energy into improving his search engine rankings and engaging more people on social media. Nothing seemed to work

Then he came across SpotnStay.

Then came bigger services like Airbnb and other hotel booking websites with bigger advertising budgets and offers he could not compete with. His website traffic began to dwindle.

In between he also hired a few mobile app developers to build his own version of hotel reservation, room reservation and vacation rental reservation script. Neither him nor his inexperienced developers realised how much effort, time and money was needed to take care of practically unending features that are needed to successfully run an app like Airbnb.

His business was already in the red and he ended up spending more money on a few Airbnb-like mobile app projects. Within a couple of years, he was on the verge of closing down his business, absorb the losses, and explore other options.

The app works straight out-of-the-box.

Initially he was reluctant to use a clone app. The term “clone” didn’t ring a friendly bell. He thought it was some sort of a copy of the original app and using it would be illegal, especially if someday his business grew.Then he did some research. He also talked to the developers of SpotnStay who convinced him that running an Airbnb clone app was just like using another version of MS Word or Photoshop – one may be able to perform the same functions, but these are software applications developed by different companies.

In the same manner, even though SpotnStay provides all the features that Airbnb gives you, it is a software application in its own right with the added advantage that you can use it out-of-the-box with simple customisation and branding.

He was sold.

The team at SpotnStay helped him deploy the app on the remote server using Amazon Web Services. The team also helped him get the mobile app listed (with his own brand name) both over Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. The entire exercise took just a few days. Soon people were downloading and installing his unique mobile app on their mobile phones and booking hotel and room reservations with just a few clicks.

The app is so simple to use that people are switching from other apps to his app. His business is growing. In fact, his business has grown more than what it used to be when he had just the web-based business a few years ago. He is adding new accommodations every passing day. He can’t seem to be able to thank the SpotnStay developers enough. They haven’t just saved his business, they are also helping him grow it further.

Want to know how Rodriguez achieved that?

Why it doesn’t make sense to use any other Airbnb clone app once you have SpotnStay

  • Our Airbnb clone app doesn't just have every possible function that the original app has, but even more functions that are fully customisable

  • The app comes with an inbuilt user interface to help you customise and brand your app in which ever manner you want

  • Digital payment and digital wallet integration.

  • Professional implementation and deployment support and maintenance after you have purchased the script

  • No limit on how many hotels, homes and vacation spots can be listed and how many people can use the app to book their stay or vacation.

  • Very affordable.

  • Built with native technology that allows you to leverage individual capabilities of both iOS and Android devices.

  • Change the booking rates on-the-fly.

  • Multiple admins with their own dashboards.

  • Completely cloud-based and controllable remotely.

Get a first-hand experience.

Build a Website like Airbnb

Excellent and intuitive features for guests, property owners and admins

A user-friendly interface

Highly intuitive and AI-based interface allows your users to easily install and start using the app to book hotel, room and vacation reservations with just a few taps. Everything they need to do business with you, it’s right there in front of their eyes.

Hassle-free registration

The new users can register themselves within seconds. The developers understand that the more time it takes to register, the lower is the acquisition rate and the higher is the abandonment rate. This is why, we have ensured that your new users can register themselves as quickly and as easily as possible.

Interactive search options

Your guests will be using lots of time searching for various hotel, room and vacation options. Hence, we have made our search options interactive and evolutionary. The more your guests use our search options, the more intuitive they get.

Easy payment options

The guests can pay in multiple ways including credit card and debit card, all major digital wallets and net banking.

Dynamic chat box

Your guests can have real time conversations with your support staff as well as your hosts and obtain all the needed information before they decide which accommodation to use.

Multilingual system

Let language be no bar. The Airbnb clone script comes with multilingual language support. All major languages are supported. Get your customers from all over the world now.

Mobile responsive interface

The script works with all major mobile phone models. As long as the mobile phones run on major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, your script will function.

Refund option on Cancellation

Cancellations and refund requests are common in hotel reservation systems as people may cancel their trips or change their plans. Our payment processing module easily accommodates refund requests.

Multiple listings for room

Varied listings can be created for the room and the accommodation to provide different options for different payments and staying periods.

Dispute management after checkout

Most of the disputes can be resolved using the reservation software interface. Provide immediate answers to unhappy customers and do damage control using our interface.

Dynamic chat box

The AI-power chat box allows your hosts to automate most of the conversations and provide ready-made answers to your guests.

Instant alerts for reservations

As soon as the guests put in reservation requests, the host gets instant alerts so that the host can proceed with the formalities and make sure that his or her guest does not end up somewhere else.

Multilingual system

Allow your guests to make the rooms and accommodations available to international guests by allowing them to access information in their own preferred language. The interface language can be dynamically changed.

Billing history

Let your hosts track all the payments that they have received and all the refunds that they have made using your system. They can also track partial payments and pending payments.

Dashboard management

Your hosts will have dedicated dashboards to manage their property listings and their guests. They can also create further dashboards for their own admins in case they have different properties managed by different administrators.

Fast listing approval

Speed is very crucial for the success of your system and this is why our hotel reservation Airbnb clone mobile app accommodates faster listing approval so that the properties can be made available to the guests as early as possible.

Guest management

Guests and hosts can be managed from the super admin level. You are constantly in control of how your system is used by the guests and the hosts.

Multiple language and currency management

Our hotel reservation app allows you to take your business online. Let your guests book rooms and vacation premises from different parts of the world using their own language and their preferred currencies.

Commission management

Manage your revenue through the hotel booking script by managing commissions and rates in whichever manner you feel prudent.

Instant update for booking

Although tracking individual bookings when thousands of people book accommodation will not be possible after a while, still, our clone script allows you to track individual bookings, instantly.

Multiple category management

Allow your hosts to offer their properties and booking opportunities under various categories. To prevent a free-for-all situation, at your own admins level, you can create and maintain categories.

Instant update for disputes

Get notified immediately in case a dispute takes place. You can allow the guests and the hosts to resolve the issue on your own or you can mediate according to the situation at hand.

Instant update for hosts listing

Get notified when a new host lists himself or herself and adds properties. You’re also notified when properties and vacation spots are entered by your existing hosts.

Referral management

Expand your revenue stream by allowing hosts to run their referral programs and as a result, bring more business to your app.


Add-on features in our Airbnb clone ( on customer request ):

Tourist guide booking
Membership option
Experiences booking
Cryptocurrency payments
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Additional features of our Airbnb clone script

  • Multiple currency

    You can use our clone script with all major international currencies. Allow guests and hosts to use your mobile app from anywhere in the world in their preferred currency and generate international revenue for your business.

  • Multi-payment gateway & wallet options

    Allow your hosts to accept payments for accommodations in multiple ways including net banking, conventional digital wallets and cryptocurrency digital wallets as well as debit and credit cards.

  • Coupon management

    Coupons are a great way of attracting new guests, customers and clients. Our interface allows you to seamlessly incorporate coupons into the payment gateway and the money is adjusted accordingly.

  • Referral management

    TExpand your network by allowing people to promote your business and share revenue with you through the inbuilt referral management module. Even your hosts can use their own referrals to generate more business.

  • In-app messaging

    Your app users don’t have to leave your app to interact with each other, with you or one of your administrators. The inbuilt dynamic chat system allows members to ping each other and communicate instantly, increasing your business prospects manifold.

  • Social media login

    Make it very easy to sign up for your mobile app. It allows all major social media accounts to log into the system.

  • Fees management

    No need to use an external software to manage finances that take place within your mobile app. Manage your fees including transactions between guests and hosts, commission from hosts and referral programs.

  • Ratings & reviews

    The guests that use your hotel booking and hotel reservation app can leave ratings and reviews for individual room and hotel listing, making it easier for other guests to find the right places to stay.

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How do you make money with our Airbnb clone mobile app

Listed below are multiple ways you can make money or generate revenue using the Airbnb clone script

  • Property verification fees

    Verified properties are more prone to get bookings than unverified properties. Although you can allow hosts to list and verify properties, for property verification, you can charge a fee according to your revenue model.

  • User membership fees

    You can assign many privileges to registered members if they upgrade their membership and then accordingly, you can charge them a fee.

  • Traveler service fees

    When travelling people require many services that can be made available as add-ons through the clone script itself. You can charge a fee for these Traveler services.

  • User registration fees

    You can keep the membership free and you can also charge for premium listings of the properties and other associated privileges

  • Listing properties fees

    For premium properties, you can charge a fee. You can also charge a fee to display the listings at premium locations within your mobile app or your website.

  • Host service fees

    Based on your business model, you can introduce various services for your hosts (members who list their properties in your mobile app) and then selectively you can charge for these services.

  • Ad banner fees

    When your web traffic and user acquisition picks up many app members would like to advertise their hotel and vacation properties through banner ads. You can place banner ads on the main screen or the category screens and charge a good fee for it.

  • Guide referral commission

    With your experience, you can help your app members set up and promote their business through your ecosystem. For guiding them through the intricacies of the interface as well as conducting business, you can charge them a commission.

  • Hotel booking commission

    Whenever guests make a booking through your mobile app, you can charge a commission.

  • Registration modification fees

    Many members of your mobile app won’t be able to manage their accounts on their own. They may like your help. You can charge a fee for providing such help to them.

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What is included in the Airbnb clone script setup?

  • The entire script
  • Android and iOS
    versions included
  • Customisation and
    branding modules
  • Web Admin Panel

This is the best Airbnb clone app you can get anywhere, it is as good as it gets.

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Our hotel booking and vacation reservation app development process

We fully understand that when you decide to use the Airbnb clone script or software you want nothing short of the original app because you know that it has already proven its mettle and done great for its promoters. We also understand that you may not have a big IT team. Hence, our Airbnb clone script app is very easy to deploy and install. Minimum amount of effort will be required and even when you need some help, it is easily available from our side.

You will need help if you want to customise and brand the mobile app to make it look and feel unique. Hence, there is a robust framework and using this framework, we can build your entire business setup. Once you buy the app, we will also make available to you

Launch your Airbnb like App
  • Customisation and branding of the mobile app as per your specific business model.
  • Designing and sprucing up individual screens just the way you want.
  • Complete customisation, installation and ongoing maintenance (based on your choice).
  • Testing and deployment on multiple platforms.
  • Final deployment and approval.

SpotnStay Airbnb Clone Technology Stack

Frequently asked questions about the Airbnb clone mobile app

Does the mobile app work exactly the way the original Airbnb clone app works?

It does, and in fact, it works better than the original app because whatever was missing in the original app has been incorporated in this clone script.

Do I need an IT team or programming expertise to fully use this app?

A little bit of knowledge does not harm, but if you’re coming just from the business side and not IT, there is nothing to stop you from using this hotel reservation app. As explained above, when you purchase the app, you can also purchase our support services. We will completely customise, install and deploy the mobile app and after that, we will make sure that it works smoothly.

This is a clone app, right? Can I run real business with it?

Being a clone app doesn’t mean it is an artificial app. Just as you use WordPress to set up multiple websites, this Airbnb clone app acts as a framework. It is called a “clone app” because it works just as the original app. There is nothing artificial about it.

Does it support monetary transactions?

Yes, it does. Multicurrency transactions are possible. Multiple ways of making payments is incorporated using net banking, digital wallets, cryptocurrency (additional module) and debit and credit cards.

Why is this app is cheaper than the original app?

The original app is normally a proprietary app specifically designed and developed for you. Ours is a framework. We can sell multiple copies of it to multiple business owners and this is why, we can make it available at much lower rates compared to an original app.

Will I need to get another hotel reservation and booking app to work with this app?

No, this is a complete app. Once you have purchased this script, you don’t need to purchase any other script.

How long will it take before you can start using the script commercially?

Depends on how many features you want to use initially. Out-of-the-box you can start using the script within a few hours (depending on whether your server is set up or not) and then each customisation can take anywhere between 2 hours-3-4 days.