How Spotnstay Coworking Space Rental Software Boost-Up Your Rental Business Growth?

Coworking has become a popular thing in today’s corporate market. Tech companies are thriving to rent a good coworking place for their employees to improve their working experience. Are you looking to start a rental business? If yes, then a coworking space rental business will be the right choice to gain a worthy profit. 

The space rental business has started to gain popularity in the market and shows steady growth in the past few years. A coworking space rental software has entirely changed the way of searching for a good environment place for employees, client meetings, big conferences, and other corporate events. 

Are you interested to know what is a coworking space rental business and how to earn a worthy profit in it? Then, this blog is for you, take a look at the subtitles that have been covered in this blog. 

Current Impact on Coworking Space Rental Industry 

Detailed View on Coworking Space Rental Software 

Start Your Coworking Rental Business with the Best Rental Management Software

Choose the Right Revenue Model to Uplift the Rental Service

Current Impact on Coworking Space Rental Industry 

To show the demand for co-working space rental business. Here, I have listed out the global market statistics about the co-working space as follows.

  • According to the global market statistics on the co-working spaces, it is valued more than the number of 18,000 by the end of 2019.
  • The same global market statistics on the co-working space has forecast to reach over 36,000 by the end of 2025.
  • The growing demand for co-working space is more flexible in the US, UK, India, China, and other on-growing countries. 

The market analysis shows the impact of the co-working space rental business. Are you confused about the co-working space rental business? If yes, then the upcoming section will clear your queries quickly.

Detailed View on Coworking Space Rental Software

The coworking space rental business is a platform where the corporate company can list out their office space or the hoster can build a coworking space and listed in an online platform. This coworking space rental platform helps the other corporate companies to choose the best space to hold their meetings or events by renting the space for a certain duration. 

The workflow of coworking space rental software

  • The coworking space rental host is able to publish the list of spaces on their platform and adds the payment details.
  • The coworking space seekers (users) have to sign up with the coworking space rental platform and get verified with their mail or other social accounts.
  • Now the space seekers can search for the best coworking space according to their requirements and book spaces.
  • Once the user books the coworking space, the host will receive the booking request from the booked user.
  • The hoster can confirm the booking or reject it according to their demand. In case there are any queries, the user can use the chat option to raise their queries to the host.
  • Once the user is confirmed with the coworking space he/she can immediately confirm their bookings with instant book options.
  • Once the space booking gets confirmed from the host, the user can get the full details of the coworking space.
  • The users can rate and review the coworking space at the last of their service. This helps other users to choose wisely.

Features you can expect in coworking space rental software 

  • Quick search filter – This feature helps the users to sort out the best and high reviewed or rated coworking spaces easily. This gradually reduces the time. 
  • Instant space book – Instant book feature helps the corporate users to book the coworking space instantly without any delay on the confirmation. 
  • Checking the space availability – The users are able to check the availability of the particular space and schedule it for later.
  • Canceling the booked space – If the user doesn’t feel the need for space after the booked period, he/she can cancel it within a limited period or a certain amount will have fared.

By now, you might have got to know about the coworking space rental management software. If you’re interested in starting your own coworking space rental business, then you are in need of well-developed rental management software to make your service visible and uplift the revenue. 

SpotnStay coworking space rental management software will be the right choice for you to boost-up the revenue.

Start Your Coworking Rental Business with the Best Rental Management Software

SpotnStay is one of the best readymade coworking space rental management software solutions in the market. We help entrepreneurs to build the best coworking space rental software with efficient feature riced options. Our developers built and designed the coworking space rental management system more uniquely to improve the user experience.

In our workspace management software solution, we have also included a few more features to enhance the coworking space Rental service startup as follows 

  • Space wishlist – If the user feels like visiting a certain space or want to book a particular space for their event or meeting, then they can just add it to their wishlist and book it later. 
  • Seamless transactions – To make the transactions in a fraction of seconds, we have integrated the multiple payment options. This helps the user to make the transaction flexible. 
  • Setting a unique price – The host can easily set a unique price for different categories of the coworking space according to size and infrastructure.

We are also ready to personalize our pre-build coworking space rental management system according to your service demand. Our developers are available round the clock therefore you can reach us at any time to clarify your queries. Are you even more excited about our software?. Then, read further to know about the revenue scheme and development process. 

Choose the Right Revenue Model to Uplift the Rental Service

In the rental business, a revenue scheme plays a major role to increase the service marginal profit and helps to meet the goals. Therefore, in SpotnStay, we have included the possible revenue scheme. Let me explain to you the popular revenue schemes in our SpotnStay coworking space rental management software. 

The admin who owns the coworking rental platform can gain a worthy profit from their end-players with the following revenue schemes.

Coworking Space Hoster 

  • Unlock the spacing limitation – To list out more than 3 spaces in your coworking space rental software. The hoster has to pay a certain amount and unlocking the spacing unlimited option you can fix the limitation and fare to unlock it. 
  • In-app spacing visibility and offer updating – The hoster is using your coworking space rental management software to list out their spaces and earn money. To gain visibility and to add offers, the hoster has to request the admin and you as an admin can fix the fare for ads.
  • Spacing Service Profile Activation – To activate the service profile the hoster has to pay the account fare. This account activation fare can be fixed by you as an admin. You can make it a fixed fee or percentage fee.

Corporate spacing users 

  • Unlocking Scheduled booking – To make the schedule in your coworking space rental software, the users have to unlock the scheduled feature. By unlocking this feature, the users are able to pre-schedule the spacing according to their event. 
  • Advanced spacing filter – Most of the time corporate users want to book the spacing on the end of the tie. Therefore, they will be in use of the advanced filter. By providing paid features, you can gain one-time revenue easily and boost up the profit. 

Wrapping up

Want to start your own profitable coworking space rental business, then SpotnStay will be the right choice. We are ready to rebuild the coworking space rental software according to your business demands. Reach us today, by filling the below form or mail us your requirements to [email protected]

Build Your Own Co-working Space Rental Management Software With SpotnStay:

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