Kuwait is one of the important countries in the Gulf region both in terms of economy and tourism. It is situated at a vantage point covered on one side by sea and land on the other. Kuwait is also the hub for oil exploration and refining; not to mention the power they have in the […]

Bahrain is mostly famous for its historic, religious, archeological sculptures, scientific and modern inventions. The total population of Bahrain is 1.5 – 1.6 million but the total no of tourist visits is 11.6 million and it is estimated 15 million in 2020. The statistics show that there are 2000+ hotels there in Bahrain. And Bahrain […]

Airbnb is an online marketplace to list room rentals and extra spaces for travelers and tourists to book rooms easily. Actually, Airbnb is a peer to peer space sharing platform where customers meet room hosts. Unlike other room booking startups, Airbnb allows people to list extra spaces and earn additional income in the form of […]