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Why Malaysia is Best Place for Online Hotel Booking Startups and How SpotnStay Hotel Booking Software Aids your Startup Launch?


Are you in an idea to take your hotel business to the next level and earn extra money? Searching for the software which will suit your hotel? In an idea to change your hotel digitalization?  Taking bookings through calls and on time bookings is a bit tough task. These tasks can be easily done by software. If your hotel is not getting more profit then you might have made a mistake in developing...

How To Start An Online Hotel Booking Business In Bahrain With SpotnStay


Bahrain is mostly famous for its historic, religious, archeological sculptures, scientific and modern inventions. The total population of Bahrain is 1.5 – 1.6 million but the total no of tourist visits is 11.6 million and it is estimated 15 million in 2020. The statistics show that there are 2000+ hotels there in Bahrain. And Bahrain is the best place to start a startup for young...