How to Start an Online Hotel Booking Business in Kuwait with SpotnStay?

Kuwait is one of the important countries in the Gulf region both in terms of economy and tourism. It is situated at a vantage point covered on one side by sea and land on the other. Kuwait is also the hub for oil exploration and refining; not to mention the power they have in the world trade because of their control over oil. Top businesses have their presence in Kuwait and now many tech-driven firms like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are setting up data centers and offices here.

Kuwait has realized that they can no longer rely on oils because of pressure from climate change and emission. So they need something solid enough to steer their economy forward. IT services and tech startups are what they can depend on now. These industries are doing well in many countries and are contributing a handsome share to the country’s economy. On-demand taxi booking, food delivery, space rental, and many others are tech startups that are suitable in all regions. Realizing this, the Kuwait government is ramping up the process of making their country a hub for startups.

Why Launch an Online Hotel Booking Startup in Kuwait?

What Kuwait is doing for startups?

There are many accelerator programs and mentorships being launched across Kuwait to help startups. Apart from it, Faster Capital, a firm with a top network of entrepreneurs, VC, and investors are looking to incubate fresh startups with exciting ideas. The selected startups by them will get 50% of the total capital. 

The Kuwait govt is also making the process of launching startups easy using a single-window clearance. Various incentives like subsidized office space, tax breaks are given. In order to make data storage affordable, the govt is bringing cloud data centers by tieing up with top MNCs.

Are you waiting to become an entrepreneur? Then Kuwait is the place for you

Willing to take up the entrepreneurial journey? Want to make wonders in the startup space? Then, Kuwait can be the right place for you. Kuwait is eagerly looking for new startups that make people’s life easy and provide a lot of jobs. If you have any new ideas, then start your work in Kuwait right away.  If you are from Kuwait, then, needless to say, you will get many benefits of launching in home country.

Not sure about the startup market and want to get some piece of advice? No worries, we will help you sail through the waves.

Tourism and hotel booking startup idea

Tourism is one sector in Kuwait that is holding strong even though other sectors are struggling. In 2018 alone, 700 million tourists visited Kuwait; also a sizable population of Kuwait are ex-pats from different countries. Tourism contributes around 5 billion Kuwait dollars to the country’s GDP.

With more and more MNCs and startups coming to Kuwait, we can also observe an increase in corporate travelers visiting this region. So, it will be a good idea to launch a startup that harnesses the potential of tourism and travel.

Immediately the on-demand hotel/room booking startup comes to my mind. Some of the top startups in this area are Airbnb and OYO. Kuwait doesn’t have any startups like this and it would be a great start for you to select this idea.

On-demand hotel booking like Airbnb

Launching a startup using this idea not only satisfies you but also fulfills the desires of Kuwait govt.; more jobs are created and people with extra space in homes can earn passive income, and many more like this. 

This is how your new on-demand hotel booking startup must work:

  • Have an app each for the customer, hotel/room renter, and admin. Each stakeholder does all the functions from the mobile/web app.
  • Any hotel in Kuwait shall register and list their hotel rooms with all the details, pics, etc. Also, citizens having extra space shall list on the site and give a rental price.
  • The admin works from a single place and oversees all the transactions, bookings, and managing rooms listings.
  • Customers from any place shall use the app to book rooms and pay online.  

SpotnStay room rental solution with never before seen features

You will get a brand new room rental app solution like Airbnb from SpotnStay. With little time you can start something like Airbnb with a similar solution. No last minute hassles and headaches, our team at SpotnStay will deliver the app in record time with custom-built features.

Kuwait market is very close to us since many of our on-demand app development clients are from this region. Hence, we can understand the needs and wants of the users in Kuwait and create a custom app with region-specific features.

Rental control system: The space/room lister shall have control over the rental using his app itself. Other conditions and regulations can be edited or updated anytime by the renter.

Multiple room listing: The hotel owner or renter shall list multiple different types of rooms so as to widen the revenue stream. 

Calendar sync: Customers after booking a room for a particular date will have their bookings synced with the calendar. He will get notified before the booking date.

Multiple room booking:  Customers shall book different rooms for different dates simultaneously and manage the bookings under a tab. 

Some of the above-explained features are unique to SpotnStay and 20+ similar functionalities are with us. 

Wrapping up!

SpotnStay can give you a great value as a technology partner. We are in constant touch with the latest technologies and won’t think much before making new changes to the app. Get more details about SpotnStay anytime by just sending a message to [email protected]. We are looking forward to meeting you and launching a blockbuster app like Airbnb!

Launch your own Hotel Booking Startup in Kuwait with SpotnStay:

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