Steer the Hearts of Digital Nomad with Advanced Rental Strategies from SpotnStay Vacation Rental Software

Steer the Hearts of Digital Nomad with Advanced Rental Strategies from SpotnStay Vacation Rental Software

Hello, Digital Nomads…I think you all have the ability to create your office as your favorite spot.  This blog is going to show how the property owners steer your hearts and make your travel comfortable. The recent technical term evolved in professional industries called Digital Nomad, a type of person who is willing to do their work by traveling to different places and staying for a period of time. Being nomads are traveling freak, they are not committed to one place and change their locations frequently. Trip booking is only at the last minute. Hence, the on-demand hotel booking and vacation rental platform are the perfect solutions for them.  

During booking itself, they need a complete information package regarding the place since they are outside of any country.  With the advent of the internet and smartphone applications, they can easily get their rental information as quickly as possible. You know the on-demand market is the competitive market and hence satisfying these types of professional nomads increase by a suitable startup to make you grow. Prior to doing, why we target digital nomads rental for our business and what their expectations are to be understood. This blog gives you all in detail. 

Why Digital Nomad as Target Audience?

Travel and work are the major purposes of digital nomads. During the stay-period, they feel like the home, independent of time and expectations are higher than the normal guests. While the many lodging options are available, a vacation rental is the best option for them and most of them need a dedicated peaceful environment for working. Besides, the geographical information, some more aspects are there to consider them as the target audience. Let’s see one by one in detail.

  • Not Travelers/Not tourists

Providing a comfort zone while living is to be the ultimate moto for the owners is the background for their growth and familiar across many nomads across globally. Since the owners are the local persons, the information relating to the events, specialty in the area is to be communicated. This makes them feel they are special ones compared to normal guests and travelers. Converting the property as the nomad’s vacation home with the same type of neighbors is one of the ways to increase the growth of the rental business.  

  • Perfect in Low Season 

Peoples are not always shown the interests of tourism due to perfect balancing between their monthly income and expenses. Nowadays, the vacation rental websites should take this period as the key factor and start searching the digital nomad to earn the money. Since they are working people, they need not concentrate on season and the only desire is to explore the different locations. Offering the best deals to them makes the nomads coming at any time as per the needs. 

  • Nomads as a Business Promoters

Online reputations like review and comments play a major role in selecting the place for rental. The surveys split the reviews of nomads into two dimensions such as follows:

  • 86% of reviews of digital nomads about vacation rental spot selection, nearest best places  to visit, a great meal, etc.,
  • 56 % of reviews of them are focus on travel experience 

These reviews are considered as the important metrics for hotel or space owners to increase the visibility of them in the rental industry. Now. You are clear about why digital nomads are considered as the target audience for the rental business. The new app venture creators should consider all these aspects for implementations and design accordingly means, they are going to be familiar in the vacation rental business surely.  

What are Digital Nomad Expectations?

In the above, you gained why they are the target audience for the rental industry. Next, you must know the expectations of digital nomads and this helps to add features to your startup for getting attraction frequently. Since the nomads are location independent and work without the office, their expectations must be satisfied. Let’s have a quick look at them. 

  • Good Amenities

A place with good amenities is the first choice for digital nomads. Fast Wi-Fi and home-to-home comfort are the basic needs of digital nomads. The working hours of digital nomads are different and hence offering numerous spots make them setup workstation without disturbance.  

  • Seasonal Promoting

Deciding the next day’s destination on the same day and advanced bookings are the two dimensions for digital nomads during traveling. Hence, the property owners get ready to provide the best deals on a seasonal basis for the long term relationship. Thereby, the property is not vacant in low seasons and the number of nomads is attracted to it. 

  • Ready for Last-Min Booking

Due to the drastic increase of digital nomads, their negotiations on the best deal with the property owners is a common thing observed on a last-minute booking. The bidding war between competitive travelers and providing space for potential customers during last-minute booking requires a feasible conversation. Therefore, your startup surely requires a separate section for conversation. 

Well, Now you gained the potential of digital nomads in the vacation rental startup and the expectations going to meet in present as well as in the future. Automatically, there is a question that arises in your mind. Which one fulfills all the expectations effectively and how it attracts. SpotnStay is a suitable start-up solution that enables you to start your own vacation rental startup, especially for digital nomads.  In the following sections, how SpotnStay attracts the nomads and the strategies behind for success are shown for your glance.

How SpotnStay Attracts?

SpotnStay solution is most familiar in the rental business because of different kinds of features and fits the needs of travelers. Digital nomads, hosts, and admin are the key components of SpotnStay that provide the revenues to the property owners and offering innovative services to the nomads according to expectations. The SpotnStay attracts digital nomads in the following ways.

  • SpotnStay acts as the platform to connect the digital nomads with the property owners
  • Owners host their property on the website with the amenities details and services they are offering. This makes the digital nomads do hassle-free interactive searching and get the property information in a smart way.
  • Listing of properties with high-quality images makes the digital nomads take the fine decision for smooth work
  • Secure and easy multiple payment gateways turn the digital nomads to start the immediate payment to complete the travel schedule as per plan.
  • Inclusion of admin panel in SpotnStay solution, the commission management, the revenue management is easier in whatever manner.  

Attracting people is not an easy state of the business. Suppose your business partners are digitally strong means, it’s been a great issue. With the power of analytics,  SpotnStay addresses all the expectations of digital nomads and attracts them with interesting workflows. Besides these, some strategies also used to capture the heart. 

What are the advanced strategies of SpotnStay to steer their hearts?

The interactive workflow attracts digital nomads easily. But, an initial attraction not only decides the success. For sustainability, some fine-tuned strategies are required. SpotnStay has such advanced strategies to meet new trends in the rental industry. Here you go one by one. 

  • Digital nomads make a choice of property based on the reviews. The detailed review in the SpotnStay enables the nomads to make smart decisions. Through the use of referral management, referral programs like newsletters, social media promotion are possible for familiarity.
  • SpotnStay offers the individual hosting in addition to the hosting standardized hotels that turned the earning of individual in the owner side and provided the homestay experience to the digital nomads
  • Feel free conversations prior to staying is a necessary thing for digital nomads. SpotnStay provided the dynamic chat box that used to do instant conversations for last-min booking.  

Finally, you know how the SpotnStay solution meets the trends of vacation rental business with the impact of digital nomads. No waiting. Make one step ahead of development. We are here to guide you. 

Closing up

The number of digital nomads is increased year by year and hence it’s a great time to start implementing your idea with the right professionals. With the consideration of present expectations and the needs of the digital nomads, SpotnStay is ready to share the hands with you. Be ready to adapt the SpotnStay on your startup and fulfill the needs of digital nomads. Catch us on [email protected]

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