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Cleaning the surface should be done properly for a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, saving water is also necessary for today’s lifestyle. Here comes the pressure washer as a handy tool for the people and it is considered as the preferred equipment of cleaning a variety of surfaces for both the commercial and residency.

The demand for the pressure washer is also high, according to the global industrial survey on the pressure washer was nearly 1.8 bn USD at the end of 2018. It is expected to expand the industrial revenue with 3.4% CAGR in the forecasting period. Rather than getting owned, renting is preferred as the best option when it comes to the pressure washer.

This blog is all about the pressure washer rental service startup and pressure washer rental management software.

Why One Should Prefer Rental Option Rather Than Buying A Pressure Washer?

As I mentioned before, the pressure washer has been considered as the best equipment to keep the surface more neat and clean on a regular interval of time. A pressure washer can be operated by anyone there is no need for any skills to operate the pressure washer. Moreover, it saves plenty of time in the cleaning process.

When it comes to the commercial buildings or the event places, the surface floor will be big and large. Therefore, they will be looking for the best pressure washer to get rid of that dirt from the floor. Here, comes the rental business needs than occupying the pressure washer and maintaining it properly the owners are looking for the timing solution.

This brings the demand for the pressure washer rental business. When you look at the advantages of the pressure washer, it gives very good benefits for the person who is equipping it. It also reduces the regular cleaning period and keeps the floor always clean and neat. Ready to start your own pressure washer rental service startup? 

Today anyone can become an entrepreneur even without a physical store. Yes, with the help of an online application you can become an entrepreneur. Where the persons who are using your platform to rent their products have to pay you a charge on each booking. Sounds great right? If yes, then keep reading about our software application and service.

Utilize SpotnStay rental management software to enrich the rental service 

Once you have decided to take your business to the next level by making an online appearance is a good decision and it will bring you more success with the right application. Yes, there are many rental applications that look similar to each other except the service difference.

This is one of the main reasons for the revenue loss in the rental business. Therefore, make sure your application has unique interfaces and attractive widgets to increase the user’s experience quickly. Other than the interfaces and widgets, make sure that the application has some enhanced features to improve the rental service.

Pre-developed rental management software is an advantage for the entrepreneurs who want a quick solution to their rental business. One such enriched pre-developed application is readily available in SpotnStay as a pressure washer rental management software. This pressure washer rental software is available at an affordable price. 

You’re able to simplify your rental business more than before with SpotnStay advanced pressure washer rental software essential feature tools. The demand for the rental service is high in today’s market therefore the need for the cleaning equipment rental software is also high to gather the customer’s attention to the pressure washer rental business.

Gathering the end-players attention has made simple with the SpotnStay pressure washer rental management software. We have developed the pressure washer rental software with the latest user interface design. This latest UI design gradually improves the customer’s experiences as well as makes the service more user-friendly.

Attain Quick Success with SpotnStay smart rental option tools

Moreover, pressure washer rental management software is more flexible, therefore it can fit with any sizes of the devices. Our pressure washer rental software lets you gain different customers who are using different branded smartphone devices. Other than the application design and pre-developed software with our essential features, you can trace and manage the pressure washer rental business smoothly.

  • Instant order booking – Most of the users who are ready to rent the pressure washer from the pressure washer rental management system. They will be looking for a quick rental option for the instant book. Because, the demand for the pressure washer is high in the seasonal time. Therefore with the help of the social media integration they can quickly start the service and place their ordering shortly. This enhances the booking experience too. 
  • Track and monitor the orders – In our pressure washer rental software, you as an admin and the pressure washer renter (service provider) are able to trace and monitor the rented washer. The rented customer’s details will be stored once they have rented therefore contacting them and checking their data are made simple without any manual mistakes. With the help of this feature, you can check the full details of the respective customer. 
  • Seamless multi-payment option – Like that of instant service booking the payment process also should be more fast and flexible to the customers. If the payment process is not flexible then they aren’t able to place the orders and you aren’t able to gain the expected revenue. Therefore, we have developed the multiple payment options in the pressure washer rental business. This feature will also generate the digital bill for the end-players to make sure of their service.
  • Review and feedback – Once the service gets more visibility, the customers will get confused when placing orders while there are more service providers. To get rid of this confusion and to know more about the service and service providers, we have integrated the review tool in your rental application. This helps the customers to choose the right service and it will also bring visibility among the region. You as an admin can check the customer’s feedback to improve the service.
  • Dashboard Management – The service providers are allowed to manage their dashboard by listing the different models of the pressure washer that are available with them readily at good condition. They can also update the offers and discounts of the particular pressure washer. The listing will display the full details of the particular pressure washer as well as the review of the previous user.

Our pressure washer rental management system team of experienced developers will be providing the best technical service and support to the clients. Therefore, the clients can get rid of any technical issues and the queries that they are to get clarified. Our service is available 24*7 and we are always ready to help you at any time.

Upgrade the normal income with SpotnStay additional profit revenue schemes

Gaining revenue in the rental business has been made simple with the best rental management software. But most of the entrepreneurs are not satisfied with regular income and they are looking to enhance the income even more. In the pressure washer rental business, you can get additional income by tieing with the potential customers.

Here, in the pressure washer rental business, the potential customers are restaurants, malls, playgrounds, schools, and other event places. These places are in need of the regular pressure washer service therefore they will be looking for the best rental providers. Make use of it by providing the best service to gain additional revenue.

Even if you’re not satisfied with these then you can cost them promotion charges. Yes, with the SpotnStay pressure washer rental management software you can promote the other services in your pressure washer rental business platform. Other than the promotion you can also cost the additional charges from your end players as follows.

  • Certified as a renter – Mostly, you can charge a basic amount from the service provider for kick-starting their rental service in your pressure washer rental software platform. This lets you gain an additional amount on each new service provider.
  • Unlimited listing option – Though the above-mentioned scheme is for a timely gain, you can also charge for listing more equipment in your pressure washer rental software platform. This lets the renter unlock the unlimited option and lets them update more services.
  • Advertisement for visibility – On the first time mostly the renters will be hidden among the other renters. To get visibility in your pressure washer rental business,  they can pay for the in-app advertisement. 
  • Special offers and discounts – Mostly, the potential customers will look for the special offers and discounts other than the normal offers. Therefore, you’re able to charge a regular amount for special offers and discounts on each pressure washer.

Though the demand for the pressure washer is high in the market with the help of SpotnStay pressure washer rental management software you can increase it even higher for your pressure washer rental service startup easily. With our additional revenue schemes, you can also gain additional income than the profit. 

Final say 

If you would like to keep the floor and environment of your surface cleaner, then a pressure washer will be the best solution. Make sure your pressure washer rental business has all the possible features to maintain the rental service for a long time. Get the best pressure washer rental management software from SpotnStay as a complete package.

To reach us, please fill the below form with the required details or contact us at [email protected] so that you wish to have in your pressure washer rental service startup. We will catch you soon with the suitable pressure washer rental software according to your demands.

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