Jump To Digitization For The Container Rental Business With The SpotnStay Rental Management Software To Triple The Revenue

Building the living space or working space with bricks and other materials has become old. Now people are starting to build the house and living space with the containers. Yes, this brought huge demands for the shipping containers in the rental market. A shipping container has high stability to withstand the weight.

This blog is all about the container rental business and container rental management software.

Why Is The Container Rental Business Considered As The Best In Today’s Market?

Many new generations are starting to rent the container for the timing used to store their things safely on the vacation time or while moving. This brings the demand for the container rental business. According to the market survey on the container rental business, it shows the demand for new firms too. 

  • The global market survey on the shipping containers was valued at $8.70 billion at the end of 2019.
  • It is also projected to show a growth of $12.08 billion at the end of 2027, and registering a CAGR of 4.3% for the forecast period 2020-2027.

The market statistics show the high revenue gain for the container rental business. Gain more revenue than the expected value is only on the entrepreneur’s hand only. Yes, if the entrepreneur gets adapted to the software solution, then he is able to gain more revenue with visibility.

Assets of SpotnStay container rental management software 

SpotnStay is a modern rental management software solution that helps entrepreneurs to take their business to a higher level by gaining more revenue with a uniquely designed application. Our container rental management software allows the users to book the container along with the needed things they wish to have before starting their service. 

With our seamless supporting system, you’re able to run the rental business smoothly and enrich the service even better than before. The users can quickly search the container’s types and require containers that you have listed in your application with full details. This also allows them to take quick decisions, it also suggests the best offers.

With our advanced equipment rental management software, you as an admin can launch your container booking application with smart features. These feature tools help the users to get their service quickly and be able to gain more booking experience. Here, let me tell you the working process of your application that will give you a clear understanding.

The working process or ordering process of your container rental management software

  • The Rentee – The user or rentee who is in need of a container for booking the best nearby service, they have to sign-in with your container rental software to check the availability and the offers in your container rental business. 

The rentee can book their containers with required gears along with the date and timing of their container arrival and with other possibilities. Once they have done with all the booking processes, then they have to make payment with the multiple-payment options.

  • The container renters – Like that of the rentee the renters also have to log in to continue as a renter in your container rental software. Once they sign up with your container rental management software, they are allowed to list their containers and other related gears with the location, container’s size, container’s description, other amenities, rented timing, container’s availability, and multiple pictures of the container. 

Once the renter sends the service request to take place in your container rental management software, you as an admin can approve their requests or reject it. 

  • The container rental software admin – You as an admin of the container rental management software able to manage and monitor all the work processes that take place in your container rental management system. 

By accepting or rejecting the approvals of the service providers they are able to kick start their service as a renter in your container rental business. 

This is how your container rental business’s container rental management software actually works. The features of the container rental management software that are available in your application will reduce your container rental business work and gain more revenue in the container rental business easily. 

Brand the container rental business with SpotnStay solution 

  • Multi-language and payment options – To gather the attention of all the players, we have integrated this feature. It will help the users to choose their preferred language and start their service to improve the booking experience. Like that of language, the users are also able to choose the currency and payment method too.
  • Seamless advanced search option – With the seamless advanced search option, the users are allowed to search and choose from the number of containers and required gears easily from the renter’s listed. This feature tool gradually reduces the time and effort of the rentee service searching in your container rental management software.
  • In-build fast translation – To make the transaction more fast and secure, we have built this in-build fast transaction feature option. The rentees are allowed to do their translation with various options available in your container rental management software. It is easy to use and makes their rental payment more secure.
  • In-build secured chatbox – To build the user’s relationship and make them feel secure while using your container rental management software. We have integrated this in-build secured chatbox. This feature tool will help the users to clear their doubts on the rental where they can get clear with their doubts and offers. This also welcomes your user’s default and suggests to them the current offers.
  • Quick offer and discounts updates – With the in-built instant notification option, the user is able to get their offers instantly without any delay and missing offers in the container rental business. This will make the offers visible to the targeted customers for high bookings.

SpotnStay effortless revenue gain options for triple up

  • On page advertisement – By playing the third-party advertisement or the renter’s service in your service application, it helps to earn an extra amount than the normal bookings in the container rental business. This is one of the main reasons why people use the play advertisement on their application.
  • Premium listing fee – You are allowed to earn revenue by allowing other parties to list in your container rental management software application. You can bill them as per the number of gears or containers they listed in your application. This will unlock the premium listing options for the service providers.
  • Selling container – There are some service providers who will prefer to sell their container and container related gear. This lets the rentee buy the used containers and also get the container for rent. This lets the service provider also allow them to sell and get more revenue for each sale.
  • Service activation fare – You as an admin are able to collect the service activation fare from the service providers. This helps them to act as the renter in your container rental business and make use of your platform to rent their containers easily with all amenities. 

Final say 

There is an increasing demand for containers to make sure you get adapted to the right rental management software today. In SpotnStay container rental management software, you’re able to get one such solution at a reasonable price and with all required features to enhance the quality.

If you have any other unique ideas, then please let us know about it in the form below or contact us at [email protected] . Therefore, we are able to personalize the rental management software according to your thoughts and demands. 

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