Why Do You Need To Prefer SpotnStay Over Other Airbnb Clone Scripts In The Market?

SpotnStay is a stunning on-demand mobile app solution. Nowadays merchants are very much fascinated to start a new startup business like Airbnb but they were too reckless so suddenly their business turn down. SpotnStay is the virtuous Airbnb clone script and it’s tremendously safe for your new startup businesses like Airbnb. 

SpotnStay is a 100% customizable ready-made solution for vacation rental booking startup. SpotnStay Airbnb clone solution is known for its excellence architectural framework, UI and UX for this tincture gives a feeling of hold over pursue. SpotnStay will update the rudimentary requirements based on your expectations for standard, and friendliness.       

Do You Know How Spotnstay Airbnb Clone Tincture Differs From Others?

There are many features in SpotnStay. SpotnStay have extremely experienced tech staff. They are very much refurbishing on the latest technologies.


Spotnstay Airbnb will verify100% of listing. The admin web board is a centralized structure to connect with all other users. Prearrangement status, cancellation, and payment details are the exhibit in real-time in the forefront panel. Spotnstay will establish guest assurance. SpotnStay Airbnb clone will create a 24*7 closest hotlines   

Operate with many people. The admin panel always monitored and connected with a customer app and host app.  

Straight Call And Talk

The rapid call and text option in the host and guest facilitate them to use it in times of need.  


You can use coupon code while checkout the hotel. Those coupons are earned by referral code.  

Calendar For Reservation Schedules

The calendar module that will exhibit the available dates and obstruct dates. This module will help you to avoid multiple bookings on the same dates.  

Cancellation & Refund Policies

This module is 100% customizable. You can cancel anytime and refund the terms as per your wish. It will be applied accordingly.   

Instant Notifications:

Users can receive a text notification. SMS notification is about their booking and promotional offers.  Users can also communicate with their hosts through text about their stay. 

And Log-in

The host is supposed to log in to pre-registered ids.

Price Blueprint

Price blueprint helps the users to immediately  get an idea of the reach prices available for their search   

Review And Ratings:

The users can share their opinion about the host and the application.    

Winding Up:

SpotnStay always believes in the customer and we are doing various on-demand projects across 20 countries. This year SpotnStay is focusing on new methods in developing app solutions. Our team launch many new ideas depend on postmodern society.  The vacation rental is an on-demand booking business that is felicitous for those who are not able to afford more money to create a great business startup. You no need to agonize, SpotnStay is there for you. 

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