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Everyone loves to roadside ride on their vacation rather than booking a cab. People explore themselves on the two-wheeler bike. But everyone can’t afford a bike during their vacation time. Here, comes the solution for them as bike rental.

They can book their interesting bike for the days they want and pay the renter. This allows the rentee to explore their vacation easily. There are many online bike rental applications where you can easily find the needed bike.

Nowadays, rental management software is playing a major part in everyone’s life, one such is bike rental software, where the customer who wants the bike can take it for rental before reaching the respective place.

Though it has a good business model, still the renters use to struggle more with their online booking software for bike rentals. Here, this blog will provide you the full detail about bike rental software and the features that allow you to gain more revenue. 

Though it has a good business model, still the renters use to struggle more with their online booking software for bike rentals. Here, this blog will provide you the full detail about bike rental software and the features that allow you to gain more revenue. 

What Are All The Major Challenges In Bike Rental Business Software?

Online booking is all about providing an integrated solution. Here, let me list out a few of the issues that are being faced by the renters while using a poorly developed software application. A lot of rental stores made the following mistakes while choosing their rental software.

  • They might have a lovely looking rental booking application along with the beautiful widget and form on their motorbike rental website. Behind the scenes, they don’t have a proper management system to manage their rental service.
  • Lack of real-time tracking of inventory management systems. Sometimes, companies do not have the option to maintain records of their inventory digitally with their application. This leads to increased poor order management and stock damage. It also decreases revenue.
  • One of the main causes of using rental software is to maintain the right quantity and quality of stock digitally with less effort and more visibility. When you aren’t able to manage your inventory then it will be a very tough task to manage your online rental business.
  • Another major issue is the scheduling and pricing where the admin or the rental owner faces these issues in their poor software application. They aren’t able to update the offers regularly and it takes a long process and it causes damage to your rental business reputation.

If your bike rental business software is having similar problems, then it’s time for you to update your rental business software solution. All you need is a well-developed software application that reduces your workflow and allows you to gain more revenue.

Online bike rental software with real-tracking features increases your rental business efficiency and improves the productivity of your rental management system. Here, one such solution is available with us. Keep reading to know more about us and our software service.

SpotnStay bike rental software

SpotnStay is a modern software solution that brings visibility to your rental business and generates high revenue quickly. Since our application is a pre-developed one, it won’t cost more and at the same time, there will be no compensation in the quality of your application.

We are grouped as a team of experienced developers with a variety of knowledge and we keep ourselves updated with the recent technology. So there is no worry we are 100% sure that we will be delivering you the best unique application for your bike rental business.

Since our software is readily available there, you can get it in a short period of time. If you want to add some additional features to your bike rental software, then it can also be done shortly according to your requirements. Our team’s aim is to give a unique solution for your business.

How SpotnStay bike rental management software overcomes the challenges

The challenges observed in traditional bike rental businesses are easily overcome by our software with a well-developed Inventory management system. This allows you to track your inventory from anywhere at any time easily and quickly. Here, let me tell you in detail about it.

  • With the help of our online rental software, you are benefited with full control of your business inventory and showcase the customized stocks for rents. Our software allows you to track the record every time about the rented and the returned bikes.
  • Pricing and the offers matter in the rental business. You can rent your bike as per your worth. But, our application helps you to rent out your bike easily with a good estimated price and the offers that can be changed easily just by a tap.
  • The real-time tracking system in our software allows you to track all your rental business data digitally. This allows you to track your maintenance, due dates and sends you instantly to remember dates too.
  • As I mentioned above, our software is developed with the latest technology. So, there won’t be any long process of showcasing your available bikes, and the discounts updates are also made simple with a few simple steps.

The above mentioned are some of the features that are available in your bike rental software application that allows you to maintain and run your rental business more successfully. Here, let me tell you some more features that are available in your rental application.

Smart key features in your motorbike rental software application

  • Quick booking – The rentee can use social media integration to a quick start with your application service. This provides a smooth and consistent booking experience that enhances your visibility. 
  • Easy to track – The admin and the renter can easily track the rentee and the bike in real-time. The admin can also track all the users and their full details will be displayed on the dashboard. This allows easy access and navigation to the bike location.
  • Seamless payments – This feature makes your customers’ payment easier with the integrated payment gateway that enables all the payment methods for the convenience of your renter and rentee.
  • Review and feedback – This is one of the major things in every rental business. It allows the customers to know about the renter and their service. This also allows the renter to understand the customer and improve the performance of their business.
  • Dashboard Management – The service provider is able to manage his/her dashboard by listing the types of bike available along with the offers and discounts in a detailed view.

Final say
Running a motorbike rental business in your region is the perfect way to start earning money on your own schedule, and it is a good time to drive into the world as a business owner and entrepreneur with our SpotnStay rental Software. By now you might have gotten to know a bit about us. We have experienced a Business analyst who will guide you and take your earnings to the next level. Contact our business analyst at [email protected]. Please fill the below form and we will reach you soon.

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