Make an Airbnb like Rental Booking App for Camera Rental Using SpotnStay and Help People Get Cameras Easily.

Photography is the latest fad irrespective of age and gender. The availability of low-cost sophisticated cameras is the reason for it. Photography is more of a professional work than just a hobby; younger generations, especially millennials and gen Z are the ones who are taking this seriously. Not to mention the opportunities available right now, photographers are now earning more money than other professionals. There is no need to go to classes to learn photography; the internet has valuable info and videos for learning the art of photography.        

I see no stopping of this photography trend at present. If you are contemplating an idea for a tech startup, then I think you have a fabulous idea using the present photography trend.

What is on demand camera rental booking software stats?

Nowadays if there is a huge demand for any article, then it is safe to say that it can be brought under the on-demand model. In the same way, the demand for cameras can be harnessed and a startup can be launched out of it. 

In the startup model, I am going to explain, an app is used to connect customers with camera owners; it is like renting the camera to others temporarily. The revenue model is so simple, for every rental payment you are provided with a commission. The main product of your new camera rental startup is the app solution.

Why would on-demand camera rental be a good idea?                 

I will explain this from the perspective of both the customer and the operator of the app.

  • Customers get a no. of option to choose from. If they don’t like anything it is easy to return and try another. It is as simple as that.
  • It is easy to reach out to a no. of customers without much promotion.
  • Online marketplace like camera rental requires very little capital to start with.
  • A new way for camera owners to earn money and not keep the camera idle.
  • Multiple payment options make the transaction hasslefree. 
  • It is better to understand customers by using data analytics. Targeted promotions, notifications, search results become easier.

Apps for this online marketplace

Camera owner: The camera owner after verification by the admin can list their equipment in the camera owner app. Prices are set by the owner. The owner app has a lot of options to give more details about the equipment.

Admin: Rent booking, listing, and payments are managed by the admin from the admin web panel. The admin has got the authorization to verify the listing requests, block listing, and debar any users who have violated the policies. 

Renter: The customer who needs cameras shall download the app, register all the details, and search for the item by giving all the specifications.

Revenue model of this awesome startup idea

There are three ways to monetize from this online marketplace platform. I will explain this one by one below.

  • First, the model is common for all marketplace models. The same applies to this camera rental also. Between renter to owner transaction, a small percentage is charged as commission. The percentage of commission can be modified by the admin.
  • The camera owner is allowed to place ads on the customer app and for this some fee is charged by the admin. This fee is also determined by the admin based on the location of ads.                                
  • You can enable premium service for the customers and charge extra for it. Under the premium membership, the customers can get access to premium services like customer support, any time return, a full refund, warranty, etc. 

I think by now you are clear about how the online camera rental works and different revenue streams in it. Now comes the big question of where to get the app solution for it?  SpotnStay has got a fully made camera rental solution with unique features for each of the apps and web panel.

SpotnStay camera rental app

Ours is a solution made from scratch even though the basic function of SpotnStay is like Airbnb. Extra efforts were taken to enhance the features you would normally see in a rental app.

There is always a team of professional developers who are looking to improvise various functionalities of the app solution. In addition to everything we give assistance for you to keep your solution stay updated with the latest versions. 

Wrapping up!

Camera rental online marketplace will get good reception from the younger generation for sure. Deciding to start this idea itself is a big step in your entrepreneurial venture. In order to achieve more success, get a readymade solution from SpotnStay and make it customized to your desire with the help of us.

For more details, just send a message to [email protected] and find more interesting blogs at We are keenly waiting to be a technology partner for you.     

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