In-depth Analysis of SpotnStay Rental Management Software: Take a Quick Glance on FAQs and Learn More about the Features of Our Product

Making money with self-satisfaction in what we are doing is the ultimate choice for many entrepreneurs involved. Having a property and wanting to use it for investment is commonly observed among the owners and technology will give you the solution through vacation rental business. Exploring the interesting possibilities such as meeting new people, learning new revenue options and making money through web applications is the special thing added up.

SpotnStay, a familiar customized solution makes your vacation rental business as easy and takes into step ahead with their unique features. We know the short description will not satisfy you since the rental business has wide options. We are here to help you to stand with brand value in the rental market. We have compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions in all sorts of vacation rental businesses in this section. Let’s go through them completely.

FAQ About SpotnStay Vacation Rental Management Software:

  1.  What is SpotnStay Rental Management Software Solution?

SpotnStay, a well-known vacation rental management software solution provides the quality of fine home experience to the guests. 

With the Inclusion of plenty of options like optimization in the order management, more booking requests, payment processing, etc, SpotnStay acts as the better interface among the hosts and the guests. 

Controlling all the financial activities and the guest requests through the admin assures the quality service and make the rental business owners unique on the market. 

2. Why should I hire SpotnStay for developing a website for my vacation rental and hotel booking business?

Having a unique business idea will not give any benefits to you. Implementation in real-time will give you the necessary benefit. Identifying the needed things for the rental business and the development consumes more time for individuals. 

Alternatively, outsourcing web development to a suitable company will considerably reduce your time and money. 

3. How does it differ from a familiar listing site Airbnb?

SpotnStay is a complete solution where it takes your hotel or home or space as its own. It takes care of all the activities like property verification, interactive search options, mobile responsive, etc in a single platform. 

The inclusion of specially dedicated dashboards offers convenience on the user side. When you look into Airbnb, it is regarded as the listing sites where you can showcase your property to be rented. But, SpotnStay solution makes you do a partnership with this type of website for hosting. 

4.  What does SpotnStay for vacation rental business?

SpotnStay offers the smarter way of vacation rental business and it manages the numerous booking requests instantly. With the focus of consistent online presence, the SpotnStay is specially designed in order to meet the demands of guests. 

Dealing with emergency situations and offering 24/7 support through SpotnStay increases your guest base and thereby the revenue grows higher.

5. Is it easy to start my own vacation rental business with SpotnStay?

Yes. When you partnered up with the qualified technical team from SpotnStay, starting your own vacation rental business is an easy task. 

6.  How does it convert my simple idea into a profitable vacation rental business?

Implementing the unique features like the updates, exploring the X business opportunities, diverse revenue streams, etc through the SpotnStay make your idea into a profitable business. Get to know more about the features, visit the SpotnStay blogs. 

7.  How does SpotnStay attract guests and is helpful for more bookings?

A good and consistent online presence is the success formula for online business. With the provision of a wide listing of homes, hotels including the needed amenities, SpotnStay attracts the guests who are looking for seasonal, events, traveling, short term rentals, etc. Covering all the aspects of travelers makes you gain more bookings effortlessly.

 8. Is SpotnStay user friendly and how fare useful to keep your brand value?

Yes, SpotnStay focuses on the needed features and efficient syncing operation across the dashboards and this provides the user-friendly experience to the players involved that makes huge brand value to your business. 

9. Is SpotnStay an option for changing the booking rates?

Yes. SpotnStay has the feasible option called changing book rates on-the-fly and this differentiates from other Airbnb clone app.

10. How is it secure when handling clients’ information?

Qualified technical teams implement a variety of security measures even in the developing stage that helps to maintain the safety of guests’ personal information. Hosting of applications to secure cloud technology, encrypted payment operations are the specialized things for SpotnStay. 

11. What are the things available in the rental space to attract customers?

Guests expect the home-like experience while staying and hence space is occupied with the furniture, internet, TV, glasses, the standard supply of bed linens, bath and hand towels, light bulbs, batteries, etc. these are all the things you must have in your space. 

In case you are unaware of things, SpotnStay provides the option for interactive conversation where you can ask the needs of guests directly. 

12. Is SpotnStay an option for multiple profile management?

Yes. With the specially dedicated option called Admin where you can manage all the management activities from a number of guests arrival, host availability, booking orders, financial transactions, etc in a single platform.

13. Will SpotnStay allow third-party integrations?

Yes.SpotnStay allows the payment gateways for payment processing, social media for login and promotion, etc when there is a need. 

14. How are vacation rental owners aware of whether the business is running or not?

With the two available either mobile or laptop with the internet, vacation rental owners can monitor the entire business activities. A number of booking requests and increases in payments are the denoting factors of a business that are still running. 

With the provision of reports on monthly, SpotnStay allows the rental owners to check new bookings and account credentials even sitting at the home. 

15. How guests make feel-free interactions with the rental owners by using SpotnStay?

Property owners get alerts as soon as the new booking requests are raised. There is an option in SpotnStay called a dynamic chat box where the guests can easily make real-time interactions with the hosts and communicate their needs directly. 

16. How does SpotnStay enable bookings for new guests and regular visitors?

A very secure and reliable management SpotnStay solution allows the professional managers to push the rental across various booking sites. Backed up with the special feature called category management, where SpotnStay segregates the regular guests and the new arrivals and prioritizes the bookings. 

17. How does SpotnStay deal with emergency needs from the guest side?

Traveling is sometimes performed either after well-being preparedness or emergency cases. During emergencies, if the guests have the SpotnStay rental management software, they can easily search for the availability of the hotels in the region easily. Since this is derived in both mobile and web platforms, anytime support is easily achieved. 

18. Is it suitable for short-term rental business?

Yes. The options for SpotnStay solution are designed for short term rental where the furnished homes are rented on a monthly basis and all the processes are similarly performed as the rental business.

19. Is SpotnStay has the option of handling deposits and damage?

Yes. With digital payment support like credit cards, debit cards, etc, SpotnStay allows the guests to pay the deposit while booking the rental. Prior to a certain period of check-in, if the guests are in need to cancel the booking means, the SpotnStay allows the owners to perform refundable. After check out, the cost for any damage is deducted directly in a digital way and this assures the transparency. 

20. How does SpotnStay suit commission-based pricing?

Commission-based pricing aligns the incentives with the homeowners. SpotnStay will directly support the commission-based pricing by the expansion of revenue streams like property listing, verification ad-banner, etc. 

21. Is it necessary for technical skills to operate SpotnStay vacation rental management software?

No. certainly not needed. A person having a mobile app or computer operating skills is enough to handle the SpotnStay software. 

22.  How far SpotnStay is better over linguistics & currency constraints?

Travel is unlimited irrespective of the currency and language barriers. SpotnStay having the multi-currency and multi-lingual support option where guests are easily interacted in any language and pay by any currency. 

23.  Is a SpotnStay offer any currency conversion option?

Yes. Inherit with the currency rate conversion calculation, SpotnStay can directly show the respective currency rate on the basis of the region where guests stayed. 

24.  What SpotnStay will do if the guest cancels the bookings?

SpotnStay notifies the cancellation requests to the admin and they instantly refund the deposit and other financial proceedings. 

25.  Does SpotnStay include a referral program option?

Yes. Promoting the business to the world and revenue sharing are easily done through referral programs and vacation rental business. SpotnStay also supports referral management where hosts can use their own referrals to increase the business value. 

26.  Do business owners handle paying any lodging/transient tasks?

No. SpotnStay handles that for you. Momentary financial transactions monitoring and the commissions handling are easily performed by SpotnStay on behalf of owners that reduces the paper works. 

27.  What kind of contract does SpotnStay offer?

SpotnStay offers a straight forward contract and you can believe that it should not have any unnecessary clauses. You can give us one year to establish your rental history, but the contract includes the 30 days out. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can leave with the month’s notice. 

28. Will SpotnStay work in the owner’s part of the world?

Yes. With the multi-lingual support, financial assistance, transaction history, payments, etc in SpotnStay, the owners can do business anywhere and anytime. 

29.  How does SpotnStay make hosts always engaged?

As you are cleared already, showing online presence and full customer satisfaction are the major things needed for the vacation rental business. Availing 24/7 support through the SpotnStay rental management software, hosts are always engaged with the new bookings and busy schedule. 

30. Is SpotnStay offering a schedule of regular services to long-term guests?

Yes. Guests are in need of regular services like laundry, medication, etc while staying. SpotnStay offers the seamless search and the dynamic chatbox options where guests can easily track the services available and alert the owners when there is a need respectively. 

31. How to make money with SpotnStay Airbnb vacation rental management software?

With the availability of various revenue streams like property verification, membership, paid regular services, traveler services, registration fees, host service, guide referral commission, SpotnStay Airbnb vacation rental management software allow you to make the money effortlessly. 

32. Is buying the SpotnStay rental management software a good investment?

Yes. Definitely the one-time investment on the SpotnStay rental management software will give you the professionalism in your business and this helps to explore the new possibilities of earning revenues and commissions. 

33. How do SpotnStay connected to social media profiles?

SpotnStay allows the guests to sign up through their social media accounts. By using this way, the friends associated with the guest can easily get connected and if the guest shares their experience across his or her social page, you can get familiarity easily. 

34. How do properties get discovered by people through SpotnStay?

By an option called interactive search in the guest’s interface of SpotnStay, properties are easily discovered and if they have the valid amenities, surely receive more bookings. 

35. Can SpotnStay property management software solutions be customized for different rental businesses?

Yes. Customization is the special case for SpotnStay. The rental management software not only supports the property rents, but it also customizes equipment rental, car rental, home appliances rental, furniture leasing, education materials booking, etc. to know more details visit SpotnStay blogs. 

36.  What will happen to my web if the demographic change occurs?

No worries. SpotnStay is specially designed in order to support any platforms Android, iOS and web. Consistent updates by SpotnStay makes the business owners stand in the rental business market differently. Coping with the shifts in consumer’s expectations with the SpotnStay software solution is easy. 

37. Does SpotnStay rental management software suite small scale business?

Every small scale entrepreneur has this question. Due to the customizable nature and availability of MVP based product design, SpotnStay enables small scale owners to start the business easily. Once the web portal is launched, based on real-time needs, they can be easily expanded. 

38. How Vacation rental business valued by guests? Is there any option in SpotnStay?

With the option called reviews and ratings in SpotnStay, vacation rental business is easily validated by the guests. Getting more positive reviews makes the owners elite in the rental industry. 

39.  Why do I need a professional team for my vacation rental business?

Understanding the demands from the rental market and coping up with the new trends are important for vacation rental business and these are only achieved by the experienced players. Being an experienced player in the rental business, the professional team from SpotnStay is waiting for you to collect the business idea. 

40.  How does SpotnStay save me time?

Through the use of specialized packages based on the interest of traveling guests, digital nomad and the accounting on the central hub, SpotnStay saves time considerably. Comfort level operation without any conclusion leads to minimum time consumption for the property owners. 

41.  What does SpotnStay bring to property managers?

Effortless business experience, gaining more attention across the rental market, consistent revenue growth, exploration of various business opportunities are the gain metrics brought by the SpotnStay to the property managers. 

42.  Is there any option for holiday rental through SpotnStay?

Yes. Irrespective of any lingual barriers and currency conversions, SpotnStay allows the guests to spend the holiday time without any complications. Offering all the needed features to the guests, SpotnStay makes the hotel owners get ready to offer holiday rental on any season. 

43.  How long will my SpotnStay rental management software free trial?

14 days. You can evaluate SpotnStay rental management software for 14 days free of cost. 

44.  Which integrated solutions can I evaluate during the free trial?

You can evaluate the booking engine, property manager, and mobile PMS app during the trial period. Third-party integrations are enabled only after purchasing the whole product. 

45.  How to get the demo of your SpotnStay rental management software?

When you request our business representative, he will schedule the SpotnStay rental management software to live demo sessions as per your convenient time. 

46.  Will I get the training during my software demo?

Yes. The well experienced and qualified team from SpotnStay will provide the complete product training and they are freely communicate.

47.  Will the data be safe during the trial period?

Yes. Completely safe and secure. SpotnStay rental management software and other cloud solutions are PCI-DSS standards and hold the highest level of security, antivirus, and firewalls that ensure the security of personal data. 

48.  What is the procedure for purchasing the software after the trial period?

The purchasing process includes the following successive steps: First and foremost thing you have to do if you can contact our sales team. They may guide the purchasing process. After convinced, you can contact the business manager for purchasing.

49.  What are the unique features that made my business as a branded one?

Multi-lingual and currency support, multi-revenue streams within a single platform, an effortless listing of properties and easy way of familiarity across social media are making your business always step ahead. 

50. Does SpotnStay offer support after sales?

Yes. In fact, our support is starting after-sales. After launch and hand over to the customer side, the real-time demands are raised and you can approach us for any updates without hesitation. We are always providing full backend support for your business. 
Well! This blog covered all sorts of questions in the vacation rental industry. Still, you don’t find the answer to your question, catch us in either email or submit your enquiry form through [email protected].

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