How SpotnStay Software Triple Revenue Growth Of Your Baby Furniture Rental Business Easily?

In the UK, each year thousands of newborn babies arrive and their parents are ready to spend their dollars to decorate the room. After a few months, the parents are looking to rent the baby furniture to make their baby walking more eligible since babies use to grow quicker month by month. 

Parents are looking for temporary furniture so that there is no need for filling the room with unfittable furniture. This has brought demand for the baby furniture rental service startup. This blog is all about the baby furniture rental business and baby furniture rental management software.


How are you allowed to extra money by renting your baby’s furniture?

Launching a baby furniture rental business is a ticket to succeed in 2020. Yes, the demand for the baby furniture rental business is high in the current market value. The kid’s furniture market was 29.4 bn USD at the end of 2018. The market value for the kid’s furniture is also expected to show a growth rate of 4.48 CAGR from 2019 to 2025.

The rising population has shown the rise in nursery rooms, playrooms and kindergarten are searching for temporary furniture. So that there is no need for the maintenance charge, this brings the high demand for the baby furniture rental service startup. If you’re interested in starting a rental business, then you must take a look at the baby furniture rental business.

Everyone wants to provide the best service for their kids, this brought other high advantages to the rental business. Kids use to grow soon so people are in need of temporary furniture for their kids to play. Once their kids are grown, they will be returning back. This is cheaper than owning furniture. 

But, for renting one such service in the modern era, you’re in need of application support to manage your task and orders. In SpotnStay baby furniture rental management software, you will be getting a complete service at a valuable price. Keep reading to know about our service and software.

Get a complete app solution in SpotnStay at an affordable price

If you’re looking to start an application-based rental service, then you have got two possible options. They are pre-developed application software and another is to appoint a group of developers to kick start the application from the starting stage. This process gradually drags the time and money. Yes, developers use to cost more and it consumes more time too.

Moreover, it is an outdated process nowadays people are looking for instant solutions for their requirements. Here, comes the pre-developed application handy for entrepreneurs like you. You’re allowed to customize it according to your business demands. This model consumes less cost and is more effective.

To enhance your rental service soon and effectively then you must consider this model. There are many possible options for you to get one such solution that suits your business needs. However, many entrepreneurs end up with poorly developed readymade solutions. That drags their service as well as revenue. 

In SpotnStay, you will benefit from a complete solution of the customizable ready-made application. This lets you quickly start your rental business in your region at an affordable price. Moreover, our application has been developed with the required key-features that let you admin to enhance your service.

Therefore, you are getting a quick solution for your rental business that lets you launch your business with any compensation in demand.  We have also had years of experience in the developing field so that we know how to attract customers quickly. We have designed the application in such a way to gather the customer’s attention.

The metrics of SpotnStay double the growth of your rental business

As I mentioned before, we have developed the needed features only. Therefore your users won’t get fed-up with the unwanted features. Since our application is more flexible if there are any changes you want. It can also be done within a short interval. This lets you start your business as you planned.

  • Rental service activation – To make the log-in & sign-up process more simple and quick. We developers had included social media integration. This is considered as one of the easiest ways of log-in for any application. This lets the users get started with your service quicker and this enhances their experience.
  • Rented service details – To make the service provider’s workflow simpler this feature has been developed. This feature lets them take a look at their rented customer’s details and their return details. This shows full accurate details to the service providers so that they can easily track their customers.
  • In-app communication – This feature breaks the communication barrier between the service provider and the customer. Yes, with the help of this feature, both end-players can communicate. The customers can clarify their queries to the service provider through this feature which makes it 100% secure.
  • Offers and discounts – Customer engagement is a must for good revenue growth in the rental business. This engagement can be made by the worthy offers and discounts but most of the special offers end-up in spam boxes. This is one of the reasons why customers are not able to get engaged. This feature lets the users know the special offers and discounts in-app itself so there is no missing of offers and discounts.
  • Cloud-based solution – As I mentioned above, our software application is a cloud-based solution. This gives instant updates on everything to all the end-players according to their orders. The admin gets instant updates on everything that takes place in their application. This enhances the service with immediate updates.
  • Multiple options – This is one of the niche features in our application which allows the users to operate the application with their local languages. Yes, there are no language barriers in our application software. This lets you gain additional profit with all types of users. The payment process also made simple with this feature the users can pay for their service either cash or online.

How SpotnStay additional revenue schemes triple your rental profit

Once you get adapted to our software application, you are easily able to triple your revenue in your rental business. Yes, our software application allows you as an admin to earn additional charge on every booking and new revenue schemes. Here, let me share with you those additional revenue schemes down below.

Selecting your application as a rental platform for other users to rent and get rented products. Here, in this business model, you are allowed to verify the service provider and check their activities and track the customer’s reviews. This lets you change or enhance your business accordingly. You will be benefited as a commission charge for every booking. If you’re not happy with the commission charge, then you can cost them the following scheme.

  • Rental-platform membership – This scheme is for the service provider for using your application for their renting purpose. They have to pay certain costs according to the admin’s bill charge. This lets them rent their products, the service provider is able to list their products. If the service provider wants more amities then they have to look at other plans too for promoting and listing.
  • Unlimited furniture listing – This is the advanced add-on scheme for the service provider that lets them list out more furniture. The advantage of this plan is the customers will be getting everything from one single service provider itself. Moreover, they are giving more options to their customers. 
  • Service promotion – If service providers feel of not getting more bookings or in need of more bookings at a particular time. Then, they can get adopted to this scheme that lets them promote their service. This promotion scheme is for short duration only so that the service provider has to activate it according to their needed time by paying the promotion charge.

Like the above-mentioned revenue scheme, there are revenue schemes for the customers to like advanced filter options and unlimited special offers and discounts. This also lets you gain rental profit from both the end players. Here, other than service providers and customers you can also gain revenue by tying up with kindergarten/play school by following promotions.

  • Play-school membership – The kindergarten or playschool can get the membership for their service for a year or months. This lets them get good rental furniture and other stuff related to the baby’s play. They will be getting high priority and they will get benefited from the top service provider’s furniture at an affordable price.
  • Marketing promotion – The play school or kindergarten can promote their service at your platform. The promotion lets the customers know about their service and fees everything in detail. This promotion plan brings visibility to the playschool as well as kindergarten in a particular region. 
  • Member forum – By getting adapted to this plan, let the manager communicate with the admin. The kindergarten can create a form and upload it on your platform for the admission. This reduces the customer’s task, they can fill the form and get an admission date for joining. This is one of the best ways to increase your service visibility and increase school admission.

Bottom line 

In the competitive business world earning an expected revenue is hard in the market and making your brand visible is the toughest job. With the help of an application, it can be done easily. One such application is available in the SpotnStay baby furniture rental software. We provide you the best service at an affordable price.

If you were here, then you might have got the information and market value of the baby furniture rental business. Still, why are you waiting? Please fill the below form with your business demands. We will catch you with the best solution for your requirements.

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