How SpotnStay ERP Rental Software Improves Efficiency and Attracts Potential Customers of the Rental Business?

Every business owner will accept it running a business successfully isn’t easy, until it is integrated with the latest technology or software. Even if it is a small cost business or a big organization. In 2020, all the business model has to have well-developed software.

Otherwise, it will become tough to generate high revenue. And in the rental business ERP software plays a major role. Here, in this blog, you will get to know the importance of ERP and its key values in the rental business

What is ERP and How does It Fit the Rental System? 

Enterprise resource planning is also known as ERP, it is the integrated management of the main business process. ERP is used to integrate with the software application in the rental business for the main four processes, as listed below 

  1. Collect,
  2. Store,
  3. Manage,
  4. Interpret.

ERP is the best tool to track and monitor your business on a daily basis. In simple words, it automates your back office work digitally this gradually increases your business revenue. Here, let me explain to you how it fits the rental system.

The key areas of ERP software for rental business

  • An ERP allows you as an admin to manage the entire rental process of your business, like peer to peer. All of your data is collected and stored in one place from equipment upload to its price-fixing process. 
  • Having a central process for data makes your work-flow easier to collect, access and manage the information across various operations in your rental business. At the same time, it also brings visibility in the data of all the stages in your rental process.
  • An operational effectiveness system with an ERP terminates the repetitive processes and manual touches, it gradually reduces employee work hours and mandatory error. ERP makes better use of your data, particularly personnel data of your customers. 
  • In all the rental business the main part is to interact with the customers, but mostly due to the workload the people forget to spend time with the customers. ERP reduces the work-process and makes your work more flexible. 
  • This reduces frustration and drives profitability along with customer satisfaction. A well developed ERP will enhance your rental business ROI and accuracy. The ERP software solution allows your workflow smoother in real-time.

Here, let me share with you our ERP software solution. Keep reading to know more about our software and how our software assists to get a high level of competency and professionalism in your business.

SpotnStay ERP rental software solution

SpotnStay is a modern software solution for the rental business. Our software becomes the first option for all entrepreneurs in the on-demand rental business. We provide you with pro ERP management software according to your rental business. 

Even if you are not aware of technologies or the features you need, it is not at all a problem. Our team will lead you with it by going through your business model and we will give you a software solution that will take your business to the next level.

Our ERP software solution will allow the rental property owner to simplify the workflows to reduce manual data entry and get rid of the risk of human error. Our software will act as an all in one solution for the rental business.

As I mentioned before our software is more customizable, so it will be applicable for both the end players (low to high property). Here, let me explain to you how our software ERP assists with your rental business.

How SpotnStay assist to get a high level of competency and professionalism in your business

Our ERP Software Solutions is designed specifically for the equipment rental and fleet management business industry. With our software application, you can easily meet your customer’s needs.

Customer management

  • You can easily manage existing and potential customers through our CRM (Customer relationship management)system.
  • Customers can easily configure new equipment and provide quick suggestions for the selected equipment with a variety of choices.
  • With the ERP you can speedily identify your top customers and view their hiring pattern this allows you to take a correct solution in your rental business.
  • You can track and monitor your rented equipment in real-time.

Equipment management

  • Keeping track of where your gears are and who has rented it with full detail, the details will be automatically stored in the admin dashboard.
  • Using our equipment management software allows you to report on revenue, costs, and profit for each item quickly.
  • With the maintenance management system, you can minimize equipment breakdowns.
  • Quickly and easily record all the equipment updated for rental, inventory access.

Financial management

  • Accurate financial reporting due to the automatic workflow processes of your rental business.
  • Better business performance monitoring system in real-time, detailed all the profit and loss statements.
  • Our software cycle billing will gradually reduce revenue loss.

Final say 

Even a small business can generate high revenue in a short period with a well-developed Rental ERP system for your business. An ERP can turn your rental business into more profitable, with the services automation, streamline, transparency in your business model.

As I mentioned above our software gives you high-end software for your rental business this allows you to get and reach potential customers. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today Or drop a message to [email protected] we will reach you soon.

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