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If you’re planning to get back to working out or are just starting out to make yourself literally fit, you will require some basic gym equipment. Joining a nearby gym is not suitable for all people due to their work-life. Here, comes the solution for those people you can get your needed gym equipment on rent.

At the start of a new year, everyone’s new resolution is to jump out and sign up to join a gym center. But as the year goes by, motivation starts to fade and you find yourself spending most of the time on your bed rather than the gym. This happens simultaneously for everyone and all the dollars you have invested to get that membership would have been wasted.

Buying new gym clothes was pretty much a boost to kick start your energy on the first day at the gym. Sounds familiar right? We’ve all come across it. But here is the solution for us, where we can rent the gym equipment that we want. This not only gives you comfort but also you can work out stress freely at your preferable time.

Here, let me share with you the statistics that will give you a clear idea of why you should invest in the gym equipment rental business. The Gym fitness equipment market size was valued at $11.5 billion in 2019 and is also expected to reach a high of $15.2 billion in 2027. This blog will provide you everything about the gym equipment rental business.

Reasons To Start Your Own Gym Equipment Rental Business Today:

When you decide to rent gym equipment from a store, start your work out in the home in your comfort time. Many Gen Z people nowadays don’t get time once they get into work, so renting the equipment is considered as a worthy thing for them.

Since young people like us are hipper about fitness and nowadays half of the population are looking to get their self-fit. Getting gym fitness equipment, like a treadmill on rent, allows you and your family to work out to make a healthy life. Even getting into some exercise will relieve the stress quickly. 

Here I have listed major things why you should consider to start your own gym equipment rental business

  • Everyone might be well aware of the gym equipment cost, it is really more expensive. So, everyone couldn’t afford that much cost on a single equipment. That’s why people started to search for a gym center. But Here, the gym equipment rental acts as a solution for those people who can get a package or subscription at an affordable price.
  • When you young entrepreneur decides to rent the gym equipment, you will get a payment each month for using your machine and can get it to return whenever you want. Moreover, you can also help your rentee to set up the machines in their home and you don’t need to worry about extra maintenance charges too.
  • More than that, most gyms have outdated equipment or machines, so that isn’t in the best of conditions for the workout. But people decide to buy these old version machines because the latest models can get quite expensive. It is also difficult to find someone who can repair these old models and finding the parts for it is another tough job.

Most gym equipment rental stores will be able to provide you with the latest and best models at a high cost. Here, comes the biggest benefit of renting is that people can always get the latest equipment at an affordable price. 

Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of renting gym equipment

  • Low investment – People consider renting as a more valuable thing when it is compared to buying new equipment permanently. Rather than that few more people think that working in the gym is unhygienic. The renter can also not need to worry about the maintenance and can get the cost for a regular period of time. 
  • Give a try before buy – Most of the people use to rent the new model gym equipment before buying it. So that they use to rent it for a total of 4-5 months of the equipment to give the best try and they will be checking the work performance. Once they are satisfied they will buy it, this also benefits the renter by giving the rentee a long period of time for a worthy cost.
  • Pocket-friendly gym – There are few people who are too addicted to the workouts they use to set a routine of workouts or they prefer scheduling their workouts. These people used to rent it from the renters according to their routine. This brings them the pocket-friendly gym set-up at their home itself. 

The above mentioned are a few of the benefits that both end-players will get from the gym equipment rental business. Before, getting into the gym equipment rental business all you need is an application. Here, in SpotnStay you will get a well-developed application at an affordable price. Keep reading to know more about us.

SpotnStay cloud-based gym equipment rental management software

SpotnStay is a software-based application solution that lets the admin manage all the tasks with just a tap. Our gym equipment rental is a pre-developed application with all the advanced niche features so that you are able to manage, and track everything instantly. 

We also provide you the best service with pre and after the launch of your application. Since our application is more flexible, it is easily able to add or remove the features according to your requirement instantly. Here, let me tell you the key features that let you track and manage your gym equipment rental business easily.

SpotnStay high-end key-features that helps to track and manage your gym equipment rental business

  • Overview of the equipment – You as an admin can check the availability of the equipment. It will also give you an instant notification, once there is no stock in your inventory of the required equipment. So, you can be well aware of it and you can manage all your stock levels.
  • Equipment management – Our software will automatically insist on sending a reminder notification before the expiry period of the maintenance. Maintenance is the top priority when it comes to gym equipment rental business. 
  • Easy to access the data – As I mentioned before, our software helps you to track all your customer’s data and details digitally through the customer management features, that will make you more comfortable in the quality of being authentic of gym equipment. 
  • Easy to track – The admin you can easily track the rentee and the gym equipment in real-time. It allows you to track all the users and their full details will be displayed on the admin dashboard. This allows the renter to access and navigate to the equipment location.

SpotnStay fitness equipment rental software Revenue model

By using our equipment rental software application you as an admin are able to do rental services to the individual persons, and private fitness clubs. Hence, the collection of the rental fee according to their rented durations is assured. Rather than that, you’re also allowed to get more profits in your rental business with the listed revenue models

  • Rental platform – In this model, you can permit the third-party to rent their gym equipment in your application and get a commission for each booking. This also lets you gain an extra percentage of revenue in your rental business easily.
  • Club management – This is one of the high revenue gained models where you can rent your gym equipment to the fitness club. Once they tie-up with your rental service they will be benefited by the listed special offers
  1. Membership management – This lets the fitness club take a monthly or yearly membership subscription. So that they can pay a certain amount of cost to rent the equipment with valid discounts and offers from your rental application.
  2. Marketing promotion – Once they signed in with the membership, they can also be benefited from the marketing of their clubs in your application. Their fitness club ads will be displayed on your application page for a certain duration.
  3. Member forum – This is one of the niche features where the fitness club owner is able to communicate with the admin by sharing the files and documents. This gradually builds the network between each other.

The above-mentioned capabilities of revenue will come under club management or the club is also allowed to take the individual offers. These are the revenue models that allow you to gain high revenue in your fitness gym equipment rental business within a short period of time.

Bottom line

Renting gym equipment for business in your region is the perfect way to start earning billions of dollars in a short period. 2020 is a good time to kick start your own fitness equipment rental business with an online presence. By using our software you can easily get visibility among your region and be able to reach potential customers. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will reach you soon.

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