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The cost of ownership and maintaining a car is fast increasing. This further aggravates if the car is sitting idle most of the time. Now there is a way to monetize such vehicles by using the help of digital technology; with little effort, it is possible to earn money by renting cars.

Renting vehicles to riders is not very new but most of the businesses regarding car renting involve owning a fleet of cars. This is an asset-heavy business plus you must employ drivers. The overall capital investment is next to impossible for many entrepreneurs. 

How SpotnStay Car Rental App Solution Aids Your Startup?

Peer to Peer car renting using Airbnb format

Instead of owning a large fleet and investing huge capital, you launch a car rental app marketplace. In this business model, you create a platform for car owners to list their own cars.

Riders shall use this platform to search and request cars for a certain time period. This business model is very much similar to Airbnb except for the fact that the rooms are replaced with cars.

The car rental business model is otherwise called self-drive car rental since the riders themselves ride the rented cars. In 2020 the online car rental business is expected to reach $24 billion in revenue worldwide.

Why choose an online car renting startup?

  • Young people prefer self-drive car rental as a low-cost option for fun ride.
  • More car owners list their car to earn extra money.
  • Investors are confident about the online renting platform and are looking to fund.
  • Best and low capital intensive way to launch a startup and become an entrepreneur.

SpotnStay car rental software

SpotnStay is the readymade product we have just unveiled for the on-demand car rental marketplace business idea. This SpotnStay software makes it unnecessary to build a custom solution from scratch; not to mention that scratch development is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

A soon to become a tech entrepreneur like you must make an informed decision right from the start. I assure that choosing a pre-built product like SpotnStay will be the best decision. Let me now explain the various sections in SpotnStay.

SpotnStay Service provider app

The car owners app a.k.a the service provider app is where the car is listed by providing the following details.

  • Rental price(Hourly, daily and weekly rate)
  • Car Features and Specifications
  • Pics (Interiors and Exteriors 
  • Availability date and location
  • Mileage per unit of fuel
  • Car usage and other instructions
  • Car usage conditions
  • Insurance Options

Account management: The car owner views the car booking requests, past booking details, and ride details. Direct chat with the rider is also possible in this. 

Ratings and reviews: The owner shall view the ratings provided to the car and also ask for specifics regarding any complaints.

Claim damages: If the rider had made any significant damages you can make a claim to the admin or take insurance proceedings.

Rider app

Closest car: After entering the car requirements and cost details, the car locating algorithm lists the closest possible car with the user’s desired requirements.

Cost estimation: Final pricing involves distance traveled, total time, fuel usage, and many other factors like minor damages, toll charges, etc. To calculate this cost there is a tool in the rider app.

Doorstep car delivery: The rider shall request for doorstep car delivery after the rental request is accepted.

Choosing the desired car: A comprehensive car selection module is present which gives a lot of options ranging from car type, mileage till car luxury. 

SpotnStay admin panel

This admin web panel from SpotnStay is where you will be overseeing the entire operations. Below are some handpicked essential features in our solution.

Customer relation management: Admin engages with the customer and service provider by making the platform as optimum as possible for ease of usage.

App analytics: This function allows the admin to gather valuable data and use it to improve the overall business function.

Dispute management: Any claim by the car owner is redirected to the user. Other claims regarding insurance are assisted.

Car rental startups with good market share

  • ZoomCar
  • Sixt
  • Kayak
  • Turo
  • Getaround

Make your position into this list by choosing an apt rental software like SpotnStay. 

Process followed by our team to deliver a fully loaded SpotnStay solution to our clients

  • Analysis of requirements and brainstorming ideas.
  • Designing the app along with finding app compatibility.
  • Development of multiple devices and OS.
  • Testing in three phases.
  • Free installation in-app store and deployment in server.  

Final say!

You need not be a pro in app development to use SpotnStay, we will assist you at every point. The cost of the solution is negotiable and I assure that this is the best price you can get.

50+ features are there in SpotnStay and some of it was uniquely developed by our team. To know more about it and get queries regarding SpotnStay, feel free to mail us to [email protected]

Launch Your Car Rental Booking Startup with SpotnStay App Solution:

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