Power Up The Drone Rental Business With SpotnStay Drone Rental Management Software To Enhance The Rental Service Effectively

Today without getting to a particular location, we are able to monitor the activities that take place in that area with the help of a drone. Drones are more flexible and are used for a variety of purposes, namely photography, agriculture survey, underwater inspections, and security surveillance. 

Drones are also commonly known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which is rapidly changing many industries today in the top market. As the demand increases, the rental possibilities for the drone rental business. This blog is all about the drone rental service startup and drone rental management software.

Reasons To Start A Drone Rental Business Before 2020 Ends

There are many users who are ready to rent their drones for photography and for other purposes too. The demand for the drone is increasing in the market regularly this brought the users to rent their drones to earn some money. Mostly the drone users are mid-aged people who are ready to rent and get the drones from other users for a short span of time. 

Drones are used for many purposes, similarly taking a top view of the building or to explore the underground areas. On-demand food delivery application is one of the high revenue gained applications that are transforming their delivery with the help of drones. Here I have listed the industrial survey on the drone as follows

  • According to the industrial survey, drone rental is projected to reach a growth of $43.1 bn at the end of 2024. 

The industrial demand shows the need for drones more than by getting the drone people are looking for a rental drone. By creating a platform to connect the drone renters and drone seekers, you will be gaining the profit as commission on each booking that takes place in your application. 

Get rid of manual errors with SpotnStay rental management software

To run a rental business without application support is a dungeon job to be done successfully. With the help of SpotnStay drone rental software, you can quickly gain visibility in your drone rental business and be able to triple the revenue.

Mostly, while running a rental business it may lead to many manual errors from the database to storing the customer’s details safely. This is considered as one of the main reasons why the entrepreneurs are used to transforming their business to digital. The rental management feature also allows the service provider to check the availability of the drone in and out of stocks.

  • With the help of a real-time tracing option the service provider is able to track its inventory management, it will give instant notification on the service provider’s inventory. 
  • SpotnStay drone rental software the service provider will be getting instant updates on the drone, also lets the service provider remind about the drone out of stock to be filled.  
  • Drone rental management software will automatically send a reminder to the service provider before the period of the expiring. Therefore they are able to maintain their drone correctly at a regular period.  
  • Drone rental software lets the service providers customize their price tags and offers when they are in need of it in the rental business. This brought visibility to the customers out there.

With the help of the advanced key feature, the service provider can easily maintain their drone rental business. 

SpotnStay key metrics to trace the rental business efficiently

  • Quick rental registration – We can’t keep our customers waiting for us or the service they are in need of. Therefore, we have integrated the social media log-in service which helps them to quick-start the rental service with their social media account itself. This feature also lets them share their rental details with their circle. 
  • Rental order management – The service provider might get confused if the orders (customer’s service request) was not clear or it collapsed due to some changes in the software. Therefore, to increase the management process we have integrated this rental order management feature, the renter can filter and re-list it properly.
  • Rental service collaboration – To enhance the service security we have integrated this feature in the drone rental management software. With the help of this feature, the drone seekers and renters can communicate easily. Though they are communicating with in-app therefore there is no chance of any use of data.
  • Immediate notification update – Once the customers are able to get instant drone service offers and discounts updates, then they will quickly get adapted to it soon. Therefore, this instant notification will be more useful for the end players too. The service provider will be getting the maintenance reminder and return date of the drone.
  • Various payment choices – The customers are able to pay for the service either through one or as direct cash while getting the drone. This gives full freedom to the customers and they are also able to choose the preferred language too. This lets them continue the service according to their preferred language itself. 

Double the rental growth with SpotnStay add-on revenue schemes

There is an N number of strategies to increase the revenue for the rental business in the market. In that adding multiple revenue schemes is one of the strategies to increase the profit of the rental business today. There are many possible schemes that can be implemented in a rental business using a software application.

In SpotnStay drone rental management software, you’re able to get additional revenue schemes that are applicable to both the business models. Either you’re choosing a peer to peer business model or a commission-based business model for your rental business. Here, let me share those additional revenue schemes of SpotnStay drone rental software as follows

  • Consumer’s perk offers – Normally the offers and discounts are common in all the business, and it is the same in the rental business too. But if the consumer wants more worthy offers and discounts on regular periods then they have to adapt themselves to this scheme with period validation. 
  • Unlock the advanced filter – Though 6the filter option is a common thing in every rental and other application-based services. But you as an admin can also earn revenue using this filter option by locking the filter option and fixing a certain amount of cost for a particular period time for using it by the consumers. 
  • Rental service activation – Since your drone rental management software, act as a platform for the end players to rent their drones to the seekers. You can charge the bill for the renters to get activate their profiles to list their drones in your application platform. Therefore, they are able to get visibility as a service provider in your drone rental service startup.
  • Unlock the Unlimited listing – The renter can be listing a few drones only with the help of the above mentioned basic plan. To unlock the unlimited drones listing the renters have to pay an additional charge to adapt the unlimited listing feature. This helps them to list more drones and customers are able to get everything from one point. 
  • Paid in-app promotion – To get visibility among the other renters the renters can also ask for the paid promotion to the admin. This brings them visibility among the other renters who are renting the drone in the drone rental service startup. Getting visibility brings more bookings and is able to gain potential customers.

These are a few of the additional revenue schemes that are applicable to the drone rental business. If you’re in need of more revenue schemes, then that can also be implemented in our flexible drone rental management software today. Gaining revenue is not that hard when you have the right application in your hands.

Final say 

Today everyone is getting adapted themselves with the rental software to get the best quality service for a short period of time. This brought the demand for the drone rental business too. If you’re satisfied with the above-mentioned drone rental management software, then join your hands with us now.

If you want any other technical changes or need to implement other feature tools then please let us know about it in the below form or reach us at [email protected]. Therefore, we are able to reach you with the best drone rental software.

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